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(1)Inlet Radio

Inlet radio is a community radio project located in Machynlleth that has sprung up due to the social remoteness experienced by a lot of us during CV19. We are a group of friends united through our love of music, who are hosting, managing and programming a community radio show. During lockdown we programmed regular weekly shows. I contributed a weekly (ish) show called Unguent, exploring themes of interest to me. As of September 2020, the radio project is no longer broadcasting new content, but I continue to make occasional mixes - listed below.

Sunday Unguent Archive

Unguent 1: Dedicated to the zombie apocalypse

Unguent 2: Dedicated to rosemary

Unguent 3: Dedicated to struggle

Unguent 4: Dedicated to estuaries

Unguent 5: Dedicated to intersubjectivity

Unguent 6: Dedicated to black lives matter

Unguent 7: Dedicated to ablution

Unguent 8: Dedicated to cetaceans