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(13)Conversation Pieces

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Conversation Pieces was a curatorial project resulting in a collection of new works produced by a group of seven Spike Island based studio artists, taking influence from Grant Kester’s concept that ‘we understand [a] work of art as a process of communicative exchange’.

Each participating artist nominated another to create a work in response, ultimately forming a connective exhibition of consequential works.

Beginning with community-focused photographic artist Kamina Walton and ending with Charlie Tweed, each nomination is made on the basis of visual or conceptual intrigue between the artists. The handover conversations were an essential part of the project, affecting the influences of the next work created.

Lil’ Pencil came to life through a conversation with Jo Lathwood, who was interested in the chemical structure of diamonds. From this conversation, we realized that diamonds and graphite have the same chemical composition, but a totally different molecular structure.

Thinking about the chemical relationship between diamonds and graphite, I decided to invent a fictional character who swapped diamonds for pencils, viewing graphite pencils as equally luxurious as diamonds. I developed a fictional character Lil’ Pencil to subvert the idea that diamonds are a girl’ best friend. They’re not. Pencils are.

Exhibition curated by Georgia Hall.

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