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You can view excerpts from lectures made while at University of the Arts London and Falmouth University below. Both offer snippets taken from much longer lectures written, devised and delivered on a range of topics, delivered as part of Contextual and Theoretical Studies in the Design School at LCC, and delivered as Module Lead on the MA Fine Art (Online) course at Falmouth University. 

Contextual and Theoretical Studies lecture excerpts.

MA Fine Art (online) lecture excerpts

List of Lectures

2022 - 23

1. Spectator, Participant, Collaborator: Understating Audience Engagement in the Arts
2. Location as Material
3. Representation, Voice and Listening
4. History and definitions of Sustainability 5. Sustainability in the Arts
6. What is Representation?
7. Site specific art and design practices
8. Locative Media
9. Homines Curans: Art and Care
10. Socially Engaged Art Now
11. Criticisms of Socially Engaged Art
12. Autotheory as Artistic Method


1. Is Culture Bad For You?
2. Introducing Transhumanism
3. Reading to Generate Ideas
4. Intersectionality Now
5. Feminist Ethics of Care
6. Sensory Ethnography in Art and Design
7. Mutual Aid in the Arts