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1. In collaboration with Situations and Theastre Gates.

2. Sanctum ran for 24 hours a day for 28 days.

3. Watch a short video here.

(12)In Your Face the Longest Light

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In your Face the Longest Light (2015) was an 18 minute listening journey that examined the combined experience of love and fear, exhibited in Sanctum, produced by Situations and MAYK.

Using one on one interview format, insights, stories and reflections were gathered from three collaborators. Set to music and inter-woven with a poetic text, the sound-scape set out to invite audience members to listen to intimate stories expressed by others, and use this listening as a chance to reflect on their own ideas and experiences of being in, and doing love.

As part of the experience, audience members were blindfolded. This was to invite an embodied experience of listening, and to literally privilege the auditory over the visual, which is a question currently running through my practice.

Photographs by Paul Blakemore.

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