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1 Fantasy dates you can live without. No Touching. No Kissing.

2 Commissioned by Articulture Wales and Machynlleth Comedy Festival. Design featured on Newspaper Club 2019 June Highlights.

3  Digital interactive dating experience for the lonely-hearted and touch adverse.

(6)Mach Matches

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Feeling bored by the predictability of your comedy festival companions? Looking for some romance during the festival? Look no further than Mach Matches; fantasy dates you can live without. The organising principle is fiction. We believe that sometimes, just sometimes, fiction can become reality.

Here at Mach Matches HQ we have gone to great lengths to bring you complicated and romantically available individuals. Scouring the territories of the UK, we bring you Xavier, Amy, Dilwyn, and a handful of others.

Our rigorous selection criteria included a rich tapestry of life experience, cultural backgrounds, damage, individual potential for redemption and people who realise their desires by way of sublimation. This is no ordinary dating experience. Be prepared to flirt without restraint for one hour or four days.

Delve into the dark crevasses of your unspoken desires without uttering a word. All you need to do is txt your fiction, and you will be rewarded by an ongoing scroll of sensual, difficult fantasy romance. Txt is disposable and all will be deleted.

How it works. To co-author your tarnished love affair with the fictitious, all you need to do is choose one of our outstanding candidates. Pick up our fantasy date catalogue, choose your fictional romance, Txt their name to the number listed, and let the lust rip through your body.

You will be matched.

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