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1. 40 minute radio work discussing class identity in the arts with Andrea Zimmerman and Dave O Brien.

2. Community Radio in collaboration with TACO!

3. RTM.FM is a radio station developed and managed by TACO! as a platform for community produced culture, debate, art and music. The station provides opportunities for local people to produce and distribute their own content and learn new skills in broadcasting, production, and presenting.

(7)Radio Thamesmead

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Developed in collaboration with artist Sam Skinner, Radio Thamesmead (RTM) is a new radio station, broadcasting live from TACO!

RTM’s programmes are made and presented by local people and groups including Mary Martins, Hasina Zuberi, Willaim Ofuso- Apea, SP Studios, Carolyn Long, Panto Dame Mama G, Michael Ohajuru, Tatiana Ellis and Alex Tuckwood and many more. As part of the broadcast schedule, contemporary artists have been invited by TACO! and Sam.

In response to a loose brief, I made a podcast, Reframing the Class Divide. It's a podcast about the art world, class identity and exclusivity, and listening as a method of including the excluded part. It's a conversation on these themes, with Dr O Brian, Dr Andrea Luka Zimmerman and Nina Garthwaite. It was broadcast three times in November 2018. 

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