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1. A site-specific audio installation exploring the everyday experience of social housing, stories of home, and the history of social housing.

2. Awarded artist in residence at Knowle West Media Project.



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In January 2017 I was commissioned by Knowle West Media Centre to work as artist-researcher on a citizen led housing project, We Can Make. The project set out to explore how local communities can lead and influence the development of affordable housing in Knowle West, South Bristol.

The programme of work examined methods of collaborative design and build of new housing in ways that are responsive to the needs and interests of Bristol citizens, in particular, people struggling to get on the housing ladder. My role was as artist-researcher included spending time interviewing residents about their responses to the proposed build of tiny houses, to be situated between the Garden City semi-detached houses that make up most housing in the area.

After spending time in Knowle West for two months, I started compiling resident stories, and made an audio-work that explored everyday experiences of residents in the area, organised through a theme of home and housing. This listening piece called Home, was exhibited at We Can Make, an exhibition at Knowle West Media Centre held in May 2017.

Throughout this project I worked closely with Ibolya Feher and Charlotte Biszewski.

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