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1. Exhibited at Somerset House

2. Funded by Kings Cultural Institute and Arts Council England. 

3. Audio can be listened to here. 


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In 2015 I was commissioned to make a new artwork for Somerset House as part of the year- long Utopia Programme. I worked in collaboration with project partners, James Wood, Sound and Music, Kings Cultural Institute, Typesun and Tabitha Pope. The project was funded by the Arts Council and Kings Cultural Institute.

The experiential installation took the form of a dystopian property viewing, half installation and half sound experience, for three people at a time. Audiences booked their viewing in advance and had to find their way through a dark corridor to unlock three properties, and decide which house, and lifestyle they wanted for themselves. 

A Red door that remained locked for the duration of the experience, mysteriously became unlocked at the end of the viewing experience, and audiences were directed into the auction room by a disembodied voice. From there, individual property choice, and their role in pursuing a more equal society was in their hands.


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