C1 Images

(3)Sonic Experiments

I spent a week at Capel y Graig last year, and will spend two - three weeks there  again in autumn this year. The Capel is now an artspace run by Avi Allen, with a library attached. The space itself is a warm wooden floor Capel, spacious, made warm by the light off the wood, but austre in it’s minimalism and Unitarian religious history. 

The images document an experiment in setting up and testing the audio tone and quality of a four channel speaker system. The aim of the experiment was to listen to the quality of the sound in the space of Capel, but also configure a four channel system using 4 sets of speaker pairs, two lap-tops and two phones. I wanted to experiment with running and broadcasting four separate audio channels, and think through what kit I might need to do this well. 

This mirco residency was entirely experimental and was dedicated to experimenting with new audio equipment and set ups, rather than researching and developing new audio content. 

Kit List

10m 2 way adapter lead Behringer MS16 Monitor Pairs
3.5mm Jack - RCA Cable RCA to RCA cable
Speaker Stands
4CH Mixer
12 v battery